Message from the President


Welcome to UOW College Hong Kong (UOWCHK)! We are pleased to offer new and attractive undergraduate programmes that we hope will produce graduates renowned for employability and professionalism. At UOWCHK we attach much importance to delivering top quality education that not only nurtures the intellect, but also fosters personal discovery and growth through exposure to a wide range of student activities and services.


Our academic team has devoted much effort into the design of these undergraduate programmes, which are open to graduates of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education or equivalent qualifications for first year entry, and senior year entry* for Associate Degree graduates or holders of equivalent qualifications. They are uniquely appropriate for our community because of their relevance to local professions. In addition to the main areas of study focus, they also offer minors that will enrich and empower graduates for employment or further studies.


With support from the University of Wollongong, students enrolling in these programmes in Hong Kong will have access to the e-Learning platform and the extensive e-resources of the UOW Library. Tailored with our increasingly globalised economy in mind, these academic programmes will blend knowledge, practical skills and research to instil in graduates an international outlook.


I am confident that these accredited degree programmes at UOW College Hong Kong will bring exceptional learning experiences for all students. We hope you will find one that will suit your needs. We look forward to welcoming you to join our new cohort of students in September 2019!


Jennifer Ng
UOW College Hong Kong


* Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Language, Literature and Communication currently provides first year entry only