Centre for Lifelong Learning

How to Apply

First established in 2005, the mission of the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLLL) at UOW College Hong Kong is to transform lives through the power of learning. We aim to offer a wide spectrum of programmes, part-time and evening short courses at different entry levels to cater for the educational and social needs of the community. These include diploma and certificate programmes, professional short courses, language proficiency tests and seminars. Apart from the short courses which cover a range of areas including music, investment, personal well-being, computing, trade skills and digital animation, CLLL also offers preparatory courses for international language tests.

Please return the completed application form, together with relevant documents and a crossed cheque payable to "UOW College Hong Kong" to the following address:


UOW College Hong Kong,
Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building,
Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.


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Business & Finance

Big Data & Personalized Marketing (Pending)
Mobile Apps 成功秘笈 (Pending)
Top Sales 銷售技巧 (Pending)
讓錢生錢的品牌營銷戰略 (Pending)
商務禮儀培訓班 (Pending)
商務禮儀培訓班(普通话) (Pending)
視頻營銷的吸金法則 (Pending)

General Interest

幼兒 Playgroup 教育培訓課程 (Pending)
創意鬼才訓練班 (Pending)
手機拍攝大師班 (Pending)


Basic Arabic I (Winter Break Intensive)
Basic French I (Winter Break Intensive)
Basic Japanese I (Winter Break Intensive)
Basic Japanese IV (Pending)
Basic Korean I (Winter Break Intensive)
Basic Korean II (Pending)
Basic Korean III
Basic Korean IV
Basic Russian I (Winter Break Intensive)
Basic Thai I (Winter Break Intensive)
Basic Thai II
IELTS Test Preparatory Course (Pending)
Intermediate Japanese 1
Intermediate Japanese 2
Intermediate Japanese 3

Martial Arts



Pop Music Composition (Pending)


TV Anchor & Presentation Skills workshop
Image Styling Class for Dating (Pending)
Interview Image Class (Pending)
Mindfulness (Pending)
2018 Visual Art Winter Camp for Teens (Pending)
主播技巧課程 (Pending)
空中服務員課程 (Pending)
成功心態與自信? (Pending)
成功心態與自信?(普通话) (Pending)
創意鬼才訓練班 (Pending)
實用面試技巧班 (Pending)
實用面試技巧班(普通话) (Pending)
演說技巧訓練班 (Pending)
演說技巧訓練班(普通话) (Pending)