Quality Enhancement Support Scheme 2016-18


The Community College of City University (CCCU) has successfully applied for a grant from the Education Bureau’s Sub-committee on the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) in July 2016.

The QESS is set up by the Education Bureau under their Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund (SPEF) to promote quality enhancement of the self-financing post-secondary sector.

Starting from September 2016, this grant will be used to implement the two-year QESS Project that aims to equip our students for eventually joining the workforce. It aims to improve students’ employability upon graduation by providing them with comprehensive career-related skills training and support.

To fulfil the above objective, the Project CARATS (Career Advisory Resources and Training Services) Office has been set up at CCCU to organize a series of career preparation training seminars, workshops, company visits and internship programmes. Through these activities, participating students will be able to develop essential job application and interview skills. They will also acquire practical knowledge and realistic understanding of the employment market, reflect on their interest in the relevant industry and enhance their personal attributes like self-confidence, communication and self-presentation skills.

Members of Project CARATS Office are as follows:

Project Coordinator
Mr. Ivan Lau, Associate Director of Student Services

Career Coordinators
Miss Tiffany Choy, Executive Officer
Miss Oyan Wong, Executive Officer


Further information and updates about Project CARATS will be made know as they become available in due course.












蔡天韻小姐,事務主任 (九龍塘校舍)