CCCU succeeds in grant application
From Quality Enhancement Support Scheme 2017-19


The Community College of City University (CCCU) has successfully applied for a grant from the Education Bureau’s Sub-committee on the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) in July 2017.

The QESS is set up by the Education Bureau under their Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund (SPEF) to promote quality enhancement of the self-financing post-secondary sector.

Starting from September 2017, this grant will be used to implement the two-year QESS Project that aims to enhance the provision and effectiveness of personal development, counselling services and mental health awareness education to students of CCCU.

To fulfil the above objective, The Student Counselling Services and Personal Development Centre (“The Student Centre”) has been set up at CCCU to provide counselling services, and to organize a wide range of activities and programmes in relation to personal development and mental health education for students with different academic and cultural backgrounds. Through the provision of these support services and personal development advice, students will be able to receive direct assistance to alleviate emotional distress, explore personal attributes and develop coping abilities. Their personal growth will be enhanced which will in turn help them to pursue their studies in optimal conditions. Those who enroll in the Peer Counselling Programme, one of the key focuses of this Project, will gain useful experience as they acquire mental health knowledge and peer helping skills via training workshops. They will be able to take the lead in maintaining an inclusive attitude toward emotionally vulnerable students including SEN and NCS students.

Further information and updates about The Student Centre will be made known to all staff and students as they become available in due course.