12th January 2018

2018 Student Ambassadors Award & Inauguration Ceremony





A new group of Student Ambassadors for the Community College of City University (CCCU) for 2017/18 was inaugurated at a ceremony yesterday (January 11). At the same time, certificates of appreciation were awarded to 23 Student Ambassadors for 2016/17 who had completed their term and satisfied requirements for a certificate. Launched more than a decade ago, the Student Ambassador Scheme enabled selected students to act as a bridge between the College and their alma mater, share their study experience with prospective students at key admission periods, and assist in a wide variety of events such as Information Day or others organized by the College. “We hope that as Student Ambassadors of the previous year pass the baton to the new ones, this charitable spirit of sharing and giving they have learnt through the Scheme will live on,” said Dr Charlie Choi, Vice-Principal of CCCU.