UOW College Hong Kong staff celebrate move to new premises
<<Public Lecture Series>> Social Innovation and Public Policy Seminar by Mr Chan Kim Ching
<<Public Lecture Series>>
Chinese Language by Professor Richard Van Ness Simmons
<<Public Lecture Series>>
Chinese History by Dr. Lam Hau Ling Eileen
[posted on 23-May-19]
[posted on 27-Mar-19]
[posted on 29-Mar-19]
[posted on 27-Mar-19]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
走向人類紀文學: 讀姜戎的《狼圖騰》
<<Public Lecture Series>>
[posted on 1-Mar-19]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
All About Subtitles Translation (字幕翻譯縱橫談)
[posted on 23-Jan-19]
[posted on 20-Dec-18]
[posted on 6-Dec-18]
[posted on 14-Nov-18]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
<<Public Lecture Series>>
Graduate Profile
[posted on 6-August-18]
2018 Staff Awards Presentation Ceremony
[posted on 6-July-18]
[posted on 18-June-18]
Information Session for Associate Degree Programmes
[posted on 24-May-18]
<<Press Release>>
合作開辦理學副學士(航空及飛行) 課程 培育航空界專才
[posted on 21-May-18]
[posted on 20-Apr-18]
[posted on 12-Apr-18]
[posted on 6-Apr-18]
[posted on 23-Mar-18]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
<<Public Lecture Series>>
All the World’s a Sonnet: The Contexts of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18
[posted on 5-Mar-18]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
香港起飛— 從啟德到赤鱲角
<<Public Lecture Series>>
All About Forensic Linguistics
Order of Australia Honours for UOWE Chairman
[posted on 30-Jan-18]
2018 Student Ambassadors Award & Inauguration Ceremony
[posted on 12-Jan-18]
Parliamentary Secretary for Illawarra and South Coast visits CCCU
[posted on 2-Jan-18]
CCCU Students win Silver Award in the 2017 Kam Fan Awards
[posted on 30-Nov-17]
Seminars for UOW Top-UP Degree Programmes
[posted on 21-Nov-17]
<<Press Release>>
Community College of City University launches Future New Name
[posted on 19-Nov-17]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
<<Public Lecture Series>>
New South Wales Minister of Trade and Industry Visits CCCU
[posted on 7-Sep-17]
CCCU succeeds in grant application
From Quality Enhancement Support Scheme 2017-19
[posted on 6-Sep-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-广东省 [posted on 29-Jun-17]
UOW top-up students to form alumni chapter in Hong Kong [posted on 19-Jun-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-河南省 [posted on 12-Jun-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-广东省、山东省 [posted on 7-Jun-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-湖北省、河北省 [posted on 7-Jun-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-浙江省、广东省、云南省、重庆 [posted on 4-May-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-广州市 [23-Apr-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-湛江市 [22-Apr-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-四川、黑龙江省 [posted on 12-Apr-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [12-Apr-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [posted on 30-Mar-17]
Tea Session with UOW Visitors
[posted on 27-Mar-17]
<<Centre for Lifelong Learning>>New Course-IELTS Test Preparatory Course [posted on 24-Mar-17]
<<Centre for Lifelong Learning>>New Course-Preparatory Course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2) [posted on 22-Mar-17]
<<Centre for Lifelong Learning>>New Course-Preparatory Course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1) [posted on 22-Mar-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会-黑龙江省 [24-Mar-17]
UOW is top Computer Science University in Australia [Posted on 21-Mar-17]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
Becoming a Pilot
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [12-Mar-17]
<<Public Lecture Series>>
<<Information Seminar>>
Associate of Social Science in Social Work (Part–time)
<<Public Lecture Series>>
Hong Kong Literature by Professor Chan Kwok Kou Leonard
[posted on 6-Feb-17]
[posted on 6-Feb-17]
<<Information Seminar>>
Full-Time Degree Programmes
<<Press Release>>
城專全新課程 緊貼社會發展
[posted on 2-Feb-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [19-Jan-17]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [3-Jan-17]
<<Centre for Lifelong Learning>> New Course-Image Styling Class for Dating [posted on 2-Dec-16]
<<Centre for Lifelong Learning>> New Course-Interview Image Class [posted on 2-Dec-16]
<<Information Seminar>>
Full-Time Degree Programmes
[posted on 21-Nov-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Global Strategy in Aviation Safety Management: Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme [26-Nov-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Plastic pollution in our ocean [16-Nov-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>第三屆大專文學巡迴感官旅行(城大站)-身體缺陷與文學的替補 [4-Nov-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Do you have what it takes to be a CEO? [20-Oct-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>> Meet the Director - Hong Kong Warrant Market [21-Oct-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>> Public Seminar on Universal Retirement Protection [14-Oct-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>> 鮮活生動的社區詞 [21-Oct-16]
<<Centre for Lifelong Learning>> New Course-Mindfulness [11-Oct-16]
<<Press Release>>
香港城市大学专上学院2016 港澳留学班 在北京开学典礼 [27-Sep-16]
<<Press Release>>CCCU succeeds in Land Grant Scheme Application [22-Sep-16]
Quality Enhancement Support Scheme 2016-18 [02-Sep-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Challenge-led Research: A Global Perspective [15-Sep-16]
北京郵電大学與香港城市大学专上学合辦課程 [29-June-16]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [10-June-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>> Having a Laugh: The Transnational Trade in Screen Comedy [6-June-16]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [29-May-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>> Translation Practice and Europeanised Grammar [20-May-16]
<<Press Release>> 城大專上學院2015年畢業生升學及就業概况 [17-Mar-16]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [14-May-16]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [1-May-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>「我對她們點我的頭。」-雜談粵語、普通話和文學語言 [8-Apr-16]
内地学生副学士课程入学计划简介会 [27-Mar-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Tips on Becoming a Successful News Translator [01-Apr-16]
<<Public Lecture Series>>古漢字蘊藏的歷史與文化 [18-Mar-16]
<<Press Release>>
University of Wollongong Australia offers new top-up degrees [03-Dec-15]
<<Press Release>>CCCU Students win Prestigious Awards [04-Dec-15]
<<Press Release>>
Lord Mayor of Wollongong visits CCCU [03-Nov-15]
<<Press Release>>2010年至2012年畢業生的就業概况 [21-May-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Our Bilingual Heritage Can Make Us Better Translators [23-May-15]
<<Press Release>>城大專上學院2014年畢業生升學及就業概况 [9-Apr-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>江山如此多俊俏-魏晉時期的美男子 [10-Apr-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>HongKonger? Chinese? [27-Mar-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>An Introduction to Court Interpreting [27-Mar-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>The Real Story behind Japan's Marriage Crisis - Last days for the 'Parasite Singles' [20-Mar-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>古漢語與現代生活 [6-Mar-15]
<<Press Release>>海外遊學擴闊學生國際視野 [11-Feb-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>Is the style of seafood consumption in Hong Kong sustainable [13,14-Apr-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>How to run a successful 3PL firm [13-Feb-15]
<<Public Lecture Series>>The Art of Screen Translation [27-Feb-15]
<<講座>> 中西禮儀文化話劇-Fortune Cookies 與 嫁女餅 [28-Nov-14]
<<講座>> 詩林清話-與本地詩壇名彥的創作分享及對話 [26-Sep-14]
2009年至2011年畢業生的就業概況 [22-May-14]
城大專上學院2013年畢業生升學及就業概况 [30-Apr-14]
城大專上學院2014/15學年招生計劃 [30-Apr-14]
為夢想啟航 [5-Jul-13]
城大專上學院提倡多元學習 幫助2012年雙學制下 兩屆考生應付入讀學院後所面對的挑戰 [22-Mar-13]
課程打穩根基 為升學就業作準備 [10-May-12]
2011年畢業生升學及就業報告與海外獎學金計劃 [15-Mar-12]
城大專上學院如何迎接2012的雙學制年 [1-Feb-12]
城大專上學院課程 開啟升學及就業成功之門 [23-May-11]
成功之路 [7-Apr-11]
革新課程架構 迎接學習新機遇 [18-Feb-11]
會考生踏出明智一步 享受豐碩成果 [2-Aug-10]
城大專上學院的全人教育 -「境外學習計劃」,「工作實習計劃」及2009年畢業生就業情况 [5-Jun-10]
提供輔導及支援服務計劃 積極推廣全人教育 [26-Mar-10]
2009-2010學年城大專上學院的報名及收生人數和2009年畢業生升學及就業報告 [05-Feb-10]
從副學士先修銜接學士,城大專上學院如何助學生踏上大學路? [05-Aug-09]
從學生大使到社會棟樑,城大專上學院如何培育優秀人才? [26-Jun-09]
城大專上學院推出新課程 迎合市場需要 [21-May-09]
2008年城大專上學院畢業生升學及就業報告 [27-Mar-09]
城大專上學院如何配合未來教育需求 [6-Feb-09]